Matrix Committee

Matrix Working Group

Jonathan Pringle, MAS – Chair

Curator of Visual Materials, Northern Arizona University Special Collections and Archives, Flagstaff

Erika Castaño, MS

Digital Archivist, University of Arizona Special Collections, Tucson

Libby Coyner, MAS/MLIS

Archivist, Arizona State Archives, Phoenix

Elizabeth Dunham, MA, MSIS

Assistant Archivist for Collections and Records Management, Arizona State University Special Collections, Tempe

Wendi Goen, MA

Photographs Archivist, Arizona State Archives, Phoenix

Jill McCleary, MLIS

Archivist, Archive of Visual Arts, University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson

Rebekah Tabah, MA

Photograph Preservationists, Arizona Historical Foundation/Arizona Historical Society, Tempe

Web Subcommittee

  • Libby Coyner

  • Elizabeth Dunham

  • Jill McCleary

  • Jonathan Pringle